Our Proposal

Join us as an Official Approved Licensee and embark on a profitable new career as an investment investigator. For more information please visit https://safeorscam.net/

Your Role

You will work directly with investors to analyse, review and report on their investments. You will investigate all the parties involved delving into their histories, their associates and identifying any links to other potential scams.
You will work with SOS on personal recovery actions for the clients which may then become much larger Group Recovery Actions run in collaboration with a law firm

The Operation

SOS will market and promote the service and will pass clients to its OALs. Our OALs are also expected to promote the service themselves and to attract their own clients.
SOS will assist in the reporting / investigation and will handle all client payments for OALs.
Where OALs become specialists in specific skills like email analysis, company research etc they may assist other OALs in their investigations.

Revenue Streams

Motivated OALs currently have four potential income streams.
1. Reviewing and reporting on investments made by clients;
2. Pursuing individual recovery actions on behalf of clients;
3. Introducing clients to GRAs and receiving a share from successful outcomes;
4. Providing specialist skills to SOS and OALs to help with investigations.

Our Portfolio

Safe Or Scam is always adding to the list of companies and people under investigation. There are generally many individual client recovery actions being undertaken at any one time. These are normally pursued in private with the minimum of fuss to encourage the target company to repay the investor. Only when the company refuses to refund the investor do we consider going public with information on the investigation. Occasionally there are enough investors for us to consider embarking on a Group Recovery Action with our legal partners. Listed below are some of our current GRAs. GRAs have the potential to significantly enhance the earning potential of our licensees.

What our clients say

For a complete list of testimonials from SOS clients please visit the Testimonials page of https://safeorscam.net/

Earning Potential

We are very selective in who we will accept as a Safe Or Scam OAL. We are looking for hard-working individuals who will embrace and enjoy the work that we do. A 5-year Licence costs around $25,000 with sales tax. We expect our OALs to earn at least $300,000 over the term with the potential to significantly exceed that estimate. OALs benefit from SOS training, client referrals and involvement in GRAs, but they must be self-motivated to pursue all avenues to attract and retain their own clients. We will provide OALs with the tools and support to build viable, profitable, long-term businesses. We expect OALs to work together for the common good and to support each other in their efforts. OALs must be driven, self-motivated, honest and intelligent with a friendly personality. They must have computer skills and a very good command of English. The ability to write clear and informative reports using templates provided by Safe Or Scam is a key requirement. If you have these attributes we would love to hear from you.

Interested in joining us ?   Drop us a line at: mailto:contact@safeorscam.net